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Ukraine’s Decade of Dignity: Celebrating Freedom and Resilience

Ukraine commemorates the Day of Dignity and Freedom. [Foto: Ukraine Embassy in Malaysia | 24.11.2023]

Report by Zevonia Vieira

On November 21, Ukraine commemorates the Day of Dignity and Freedom – one of the ‎significant official holidays established in honor of two revolutions that unfolded in 2004 ‎and 2013.‎

Regarding to the press release that Neon Metin access from Ukraine embassy in Maylasia , inform that in 2013, Ukraine made a decisive turn in its history and a step towards a European ‎future: Ukrainians took to the streets, expressing their dissatisfaction with the political ‎regime and demanding change. Massive protests that began on Independence Square in Kyiv ‎voiced citizens’ aspirations for freedom, justice, and dignity.‎

In 2013, over 20 countries around the world supported the Revolution of Dignity – ‎campaigns took place in Poland, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, ‎Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania, ‎Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and others. Euromaidan became the largest pro-‎European demonstration in EU history and the longest-lasting rally – it stood continuously ‎for 92 days.‎

This year, Ukraine marked a significant date – the 10th anniversary of the Day of ‎Dignity. This event is emblematic for the country and reflects many years of struggle for ‎freedom, justice, and dignity. The Day of Dignity became a key moment in Ukraine’s history, ‎indicating the strength of the national spirit and the will to build a modern, independent ‎state.‎

‎”Ten years ago, we started a new chapter of the struggle. Ten years ago, Ukrainians ‎launched their first counteroffensive – against lawlessness, attempts to deprive us of a ‎European future, against our captivity. Year after year, step by step, we do everything to ‎ensure that the star on the EU flag, symbolizing the unity of the European nations, shines ‎with our star – the star of Ukraine,” said Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine.‎

‎“Modern Ukraine is defined by its resilient struggle for dignity and independence. This ‎is a reminder that citizens have the power to influence events and shape the future of their ‎country. The Day of Dignity also highlights the important values on which Ukrainian society ‎is based – solidarity, freedom, and deep patriotism.” – Denys Mykhailiuk, Chargé d’affaires ‎a.i., Embassy of Ukraine in Malaysia

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