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RING Partners with F-FDTL Land Component for Small Arms Familiarization and Range Operations Expert Exchange

Rhode Island National Guard Partners with F-FDTL on collaboration. [Foto: Media US Embassy in TL | 17.05.2024]

Report by Zevonia Vieira

The Office of Defense Cooperation is proud to announce a successful Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) between the Rhode Island National Guard (RING) and the Falintil-Forças de Defesa de Timor-Leste (F-FDTL) Land Component.  This collaborative effort enhanced the proficiency of the F-FDTL in small arms handling and range operations, underscoring the commitment of both forces to fostering strong military partnerships and operational excellence.

Regarding to the press release that Neon Metin access, In the words of U.S. Army Major Aaron Harris, speaking at the program’s closing, “This exchange is a shining example of the State Partnership Program in action. The program, which has been instrumental in fostering long-term relationships, allows us to share best practices, enhance our military capabilities, and build lasting bonds of friendship and cooperation.”

During the exchange, RING personnel shared their expertise on small arms familiarization, including detailed sessions on weapon safety protocols, maintenance procedures, and marksmanship fundamentals.  Soldiers became acquainted with various firearms, focusing on proper handling techniques, immediate action drills for malfunctions, and the application of advanced shooting positions. The exchange was designed to build confidence and ensure the F-FDTL personnel can operate their weapons effectively and safely in diverse combat scenarios.

In addition to small arms familiarization, the program included an extensive overview of range operations.  This segment covered the planning and execution of live-fire exercises, range safety management, and the establishment of range control procedures.  RING experts shared best practices for range setup, risk assessment, and the coordination required for safe and efficient range operations. This exchange, the first of its kind between both partners, not only enhanced the operational capabilities of the F-FDTL Land Component but also strengthened the bond between the two military forces, fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual support through the State Partnership Program.

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